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Here to motivate all of our Chicks

Our all-female coaching team are fully committed towards delivering a unique programme of fun and results-driven classes. As a team they are passionate about nurturing a supportive and ‘accessible for all’ fitness community.

Meet the coaches…

Jo Sullivan

Head Coach and Founder

“This Chick Really Can” and that’s why for the last 4 years Jo’s been nurturing a community which empowers and supports real women to realise that they ‘can’ too! Trained in Kung Fu and Kickboxing, she packs a mean punch and has an even mightier kick. She truly gets powered-up by seeing amazing strong females fly high! From kettlebell flow to powerful pull ups, a class with Jo is technique driven, dynamic and challenging. She instinctively knows when to keep things simple and when you are ready to turn up the throttle and break beyond that comfort zone. Safe, supportive and sustainable fitness is her approach every time.


Senior Coach

When it comes to working out, Steph means business! Her energy and motivation is infectious! Steph’s dance background adds a certain finesse and elegance to her coaching style. Whether it’s teaching a Chickboxing class or introducing an Animal Flow, expect plenty of enthusiasm, power and flair, whilst utilising every piece of equipment to keep the workout fresh and challenging. Steph is The ChickBox’s fully certified pre and post-natal coach. She is passionate about supporting females to safely continue their fitness throughout and beyond pregnancy.


Chick Coach

Naomi loves nothing more than seeing members progress, whether it’s building their confidence to lift those heavier weights or seeing a new member fully embrace our unique and creative training methods. A class with Naomi is perfectly balanced, focused and supportive towards different ability levels – a Kettlebell is never far out of sight!


Chick Coach

If there was one word to describe this Chick coach it would be ‘Power’! From box jumps, to cleans and snatches, a class with Heidi is powered by a combination of speed, strength and technique. Heidi is a natural sportswoman, with a successful background in county volleyball and team sports. Her degree in Exercise Science means she has a core understanding of the biomechanics of movement and how the body responds to training. Heidi’s classes are supportive, results driven and tailored, ensuring the workout suits all abilities and levels.

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Our 30 day trial is the perfect way for you to work with our coaches, to experience a female focused approach to fitness, strength and skill. To meet a bright community of women, become a chick with one click.

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